Fly Fishing Report 2/28/2012
By Kjel

Posted: February 28, 2012

1. BITTERROOT RIVER: The Bitterroot is still fishing well. Montana Fishing Company fly fishing guides have been out in force on this river testing the waters. Our fly fishing guides have seen the Skwala stone fly move in the the shallows . The Bitterroot should come into play in a few weeks and will continue to get better as spring appears. Look for the trout in the tail-outs of the deep runs. Try a patts rubber legs or a bitch creek of any size and color. You should do very well.

2. BLACKFOOT RIVER: The rain we have had over the past week has opened up some of the river. You will find seclusion for sure. Be safe out there because the shelf ice can break away at any time leaving you head over heals in the drink. Danger, Danger, Danger! Streamers should be the ticket now, but I would say that not many fish will show their face because the weather is still very cold.

3. CLARK FORK RIVER: The rain over the past week has the river off color from the town stretch all the way to Thompson Falls. The Clark Fork should come back into play in a few days to a week. Montana Fishing Company fly fishing guides have been doing ok with the dirt snake otherwise known as the San Jaun worm and any stone fly nymph pattern.

4. MISSOURI RIVER: The fishing is always good here. The wind can be bad at times. Midge action has dominated the fishing with fish rising to thousands of little bugs. You can always do no wrong with a nymph rig. If you just want to catch a fish then the pink Scud, or San Juan Worm is your choice. The streamer action has picked up from the dam to mid cannon. Montana Fishing Company fly fishing guides always like to ROW THE MO this time of year to have a chance at the big browns. Be sure to check the wind reports before you head out to the MO.

5. YELLOWSTONE RIVER: The Yellowstone has been producing good on the nymph rigs. Any scud or pheasant tail pattern will get you into a fish or two. The midge action has been great in the slower water and tail-outs. Remember to try and go on the cloudy, non-windy days for the best results. MUCH OF THE SAME!

6. GALlATIN RIVER: Midge action is good. Don’t forget the nymph box! There is still some ice floating down the river, but for the most part the Gallatin is fishable. Small stone fly patterns and anything pink. Egg patters are working great. I know that we all want that top water action, but we are gong to have to wait for just a little bit longer. We need longer days and more sunshine here in Montana.

7. THOMPSON RIVER:  I was on the Thompson river today. It is nice when you can hook two fish over 20 INCHES, lose them both and still call it a great day. I weathered snow rain and lots of wind with my trusty golden lab mix hunter dog. The river is still slow fishing, but the bigger trout are moving up out of the Clark Fork to spawn. Now is the time to hunt for the big ones and you just could get a fish of a lifetime. Any stone fly nymph is the ticket now. Patts rubber legs and bitch creeks trailing with the San Juan Worm pink are the ticket. No shelf ice to be seen on the lower section. The pressure is starting to pick up I saw about five cars, but no anglers. It will not be long before this river will be crawling with anglers.

8. BULL RIVER: If you like to fly fish in snow shoes and take your life into your own hands then this is the place to be.. make sure that you take your 44 mag and your trusty dog along so you do not become Mountain Lion lunch.

9. NOXON LAKE: Noxon is still producing Pike by the large number. I was out yesterday and we took one ten pound pike and released several in the three to four pound range. The ice remains 11 inches thick. It should stay around for a few more weeks, with low temps to hit this weekend.

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