Know Your Ice: A Thin Ice Story Turned Out O.K.
By Kjel

Posted: February 15, 2012

Not that I want to rib a bunch of ice fisherman but this story is humorous yet also demonstrates the dangers of thin ice. To protect the identities of these guys I won’t mention any names.

Last weekend some of the local Walleye wranglers decided to hit it hard on the ice at Crooked Creek. The first day was a bust, but on Sunday the action kicked in. With the aid of a true “Pro” from Hell Creek the action got hot. The “Pro” managed to snag 5 “Japanese Sea Horses”. That’s right Captain, 5 guys fell through the ice on Saturday and on Sunday The “Hell Creek Hero” found and drug out 5 four wheelers. It’s easy to kid about it now, but I do hope that these guy’s learned a lesson.

I thanked God that they all walked away from what could have been a complete tragedy. As for the Hell Creek Hero “Pro”, he will remain a legend and was last week’s winner in tournament. By the way his expertise was rewarded quite handsomely with mucho dinero $. He has to date rescued over 100 for wheelers from the cold Missouri River bottom

One of the five guys is my daughter’s boyfriend who we lovingly nick named “Scout”. He’s a great kid and the name fits him quite well since he is an avid outdoorsman and has a good head on his shoulders.

I hope that each of you can take this story in with a big of humor. But more sore that you have yourself prepared for situations like this. Not everyone will be so lucky to have a hero show up! A life jacket and some parachute cord or rope are necessary items to keep on you rather than in the truck or tied to a sinking fourwheeler.


Best Regards,

Dale Uhler

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