Professional Angler Pat Slater’s Tip of the Week
By Kjel

Posted: February 27, 2012

Another week closer to spring and our open water season! I know I’m probably rushing things a bit but when the annual spring fishing catalogs show up in the mail I start to get antsy! There’s open water someplace and I’m looking forward to getting out as soon as possible.

This past week I received a photo of a large walleye taken recently on the Columbia River in Washington. The 18 lb. 6 oz. toad was caught on a Mack’s Lure “Wally Pop” crawler harness rig. You can check out the story and photo at This certainly gets my imagination going of someone catching the next world record walleye. Some of you remember the 20 pound plus walleyes netted in Canyon Ferry several years ago. That record fish is out there….

As we near that time when we can pursue our love of open water fishing, I would urge each of you to take advantage of several opportunities in the upcoming months. March & April specifically, is the time when in-store promotions, walleye banquets, fishing shows on TV give us a chance to improve our fishing knowledge. Seminars, how to discussions, networking and simple Q &A forums at these events can provide you with excellent information which may improve your fishing skills.

The only cure I know of for “Cabin Fever” is some fresh air and time in the sun! Be Smart, Be Safe out there!

Pat Slater

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