Professional Angler Pat Slater’s Tip of the Week
By Kjel

Posted: February 13, 2012

Hello to One and All,

This week I want to share a simple way to rig your ice fishing outfits.  I like to use short rods and reels but I also use it on my tip up setups.

Two of my main ice fishing locations allow the use of live minnows and I take advantage of those opportunities.  I use a 3 way swivel tied to the main line, the drop weight on one eye and a hook on the other eye making sure the line to the weight is slightly longer than the line to the hook.  Fishing for perch with small minnows I like to use a # 8 or #6 Aberdeen hooks.  Larger minnows need a larger hook gap.  I like to use the lightest wire hook I can which allows the minnow to struggle more, sending out “injured” vibrations calling in the fish.  Another detail is to hook the minnow lightly just behind it’s dorsal fin.  The line is then dropped to the bottom which positions the bait right where the fish are most active.

Be cautious this time of year, with the sun higher in the sky, the ice is subject to it’s warming rays.  Use your head and be safe, separate when walking on the ice, wear a life jacket, have a safety rope and if it doesn’t look safe… there’s always another day!

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