Scott Anderson Hits Noxon Reservoir
By Kjel

Posted: February 3, 2012

I took the day off to go ice fishing today. What a joy it was . Cloudy with no wind and about 30 degrees all day. I was joined by three old timers that were well versed in the sport. We used the flags or the popup method. It was a change for this avid fly fisherman.

The day started out slow on Noxon, but picked up around 11:00! The guys caught small pike after pike. They ranged in the 20 to 24 inch category. Then Arnie pulled out a 28 inched weighing 8 lbs on the scale. I had not had a bite. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon and we said we would call it a day at 3:00. I was a bit discouraged that I had not even had a bite. I did not complain because I wanted to be invited back. All the sudden my flag went up. I ran across the ice and yanked on my line and it Yanked back. I took me about 3 min to get this 9 pound 31 inch pike through the ice!

The Clark fork is starting to warm up. Before you make the trip down to Noxon check the ice conditions and make sure there still is some ice to fish under. The river has bumped quite a bit. Looks like I will be going after these meat eaters with flies by the end of the month.

Montana Fishing Company does pike on the fly starting March first. We use a 24 ft center console angler flats boat. This is the type of boat guides use in key west for tarpon fishing. It is a true adventure if you have never had the opportunity. Please go to the website listed below or just give me a call!

Today was a successful day with new friends on Noxon. Good friends good weather and great dinner had by all.

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