Winter Fly Fishing Report For Across The State
By Kjel

Posted: February 21, 2012

Lower Madison: We have had good fishing reports from up in Bear Trap Canyon as well as from some wade fisherman around the Black’s Ford area. Small beadhead nymphs, brightly colored scuds and sowbugs and smaller sized stonefly nymphs have been the best producers. There have been a few reports of fish being caught on adult midge imitations as well.

Upper Madison: The Upper Madison has seen some good days as well. We have heard of guys who have been fishing up around the Raynold’s Pass/$3.00 Bridge area. The most productive fishing has been with small beadhead scud/sow bug patterns but there has also been some very good dry fly fishing with midges. Report from: www.the

Yellowstone: There is a little ice along the banks up in the Valley, but the Yellowstone has continued to fish good with the mild weather. Wind has been a bit of an issue as it has been everywhere lately, but if you find the right day, plenty of fish can be caught. Fishing conditions have been more like late fall than winter and the fishing has been pretty decent mostly dead drifting smaller sized beadhead nymphs.  Report from: www.the

Missouri River: The Missouri is probably your best option across the state! Lots and lots of reports of midging fish. Streamers in the slow variety and most anything pink will get the job done.

Big Horn has remained very fish all winter. Streamer fishing has slowed down since the water temps have bottomed out, but there are still nice fish being taken with sink tips in the deeper water. Nymph fishing remains good if you find the holding water.Sowbugs and midge pupa are producing. The river is in great shape. A little bit of pressure on the weekends if the weather is decent, but other than that, you can have your pick of the runs. The dry fly fishing has become quite good on certain days. They are eating midges, and even a few Baetis reports: Report from:

Blackfoot: There are much better options out there this time of year. Winter fishing on the Foot is a risky venture with ice shelves and flows. There is a pile of snow along the banks so don’t expect to cover a bunch of ground. If you must go, wait for a few days of the nicer weather hitting the upper 30’s or low 40’s.

Bitterroot: The Bitterroot can fish well all winter long. I have heard of a few reports coming off the bitterroot of fish being caught by floaters. If you are floating or wading for that matter look out for shelf ice. Try swinging a stonefly nymph trailed by a saun juan worm. Keep up look out for sippers taking down midges as well.

Clark Fork: The Clark Fork is your best option when looking for fish taking down midges. When nymphing, look for long riffles leading into deep slow wintering runs. When looking for rising fish look for the foamy back eddies. The upper Clark Fork near warm springs can also produce some nice fish this time of year.

Rock Creek: Rock Creek can be a fantastic winter fishery. Look for fish holding in any deep hole. As the middle sections of Rock Creek can be hazardous to drive and cold to fish.. Try sticking to the lower or upper reaches. For the best information on the creek, stop in at Rock Creek Mercantile and talk to Johny


Produced by: Kjel Olson,  MORS Team

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