20 inches of ice in the Hebgen Lake Ice Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 15, 2012

Ice conditions are still fairly good for the warm weather that has been sweeping the state. Ice remains a good 20” thick with a very watery slush below a hardened crust. The top layer of crust is able to support travel around the lake, but keep an eye out for saturated snow and any open pockets where springs may be eroding the ice. Also watch for old ice fishing holes as these are beginning to open more and more with the warm weather. Fishing has been good Rainbows may begin spawning under the ice soon and moving to shallower water but can still be found anywhere on the lake at about 15 – 10 feet under the ice. Browns are also looking for some good food sources in shallow areas closer to the banks in the mornings to mid-day then picking up again towards the later evening. Bring mealworms or night crawlers and tip any lures you may be using with a bit of either. Stay close to the bottom in shallow water and don’t be afraid to give your presentation a lot of action!

Best of Luck and Tight Lines.

This Hebgen Lake Ice Fishing Report was provided by Kyle, of Kirkwood Resort & Marina (406) 646.7200


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