A Cold Spring Day On The Water At Holter
By Kjel

Posted: March 27, 2012

 Devin Huntley, KC Kloppel (Kamp Cook) and I went fishing on Holter Reservoir Sunday.  It was a cold spring day on the water. The air temperature was suppose to get into the high 60’s for the day but never reached 50 degrees during the day. The good news is the wind didn’t blow and if you dressed warm enough you were comfortable.

It was the first trip on the water for my boat this year. I was pleased to find out that everything worked fine. The water temperature was 34.7 degrees. The ice had been off the lake for about a week and half. There were quite few boats on the water with most of them fishing for walleyes. I guess that some anglers have had some good luck fishing for walleyes in particular in the Oxbow Bend area. A lot of boats were fishing the flats in that area. . I didn’t see any fish caught, but I was also busy fishing for trout with Devin and KC.

We had 5 lines in the water. Two on the downrigger-two long lined- and one leaded line out the back of the boat. As you might imagine we fished many different depths to find out where the trout were biting. The day didn’t really see any patterns in that regard in fact the normal place on the lake that I have had success in the spring fishing for trout only produced one nice trout. The two lures that we did the best on was a jointed brown trout rapala and a jointed booke trout rapala-both were J-7 size. We fished in depths ranging from 9 feet to 20 feet. Most fish we caught were in the 11-14 feet range. We varied our trolling speed from 1.8 to 2.1 miles per hour. Most all the action we had was east of the cabins in the Oxbow Bend area.

My two fishing partners had never been on Holter so I gave them the Gates of the Mountain tour. We saw Big Horn Sheep, an eagles nest, and a lot of great scenery.

The Boats slips are currently not in at the BLM camp ground but the boat ramp is open.

A few anglers were fishing from shore with limited success.

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