Big trout caught in Spring Mack Days Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 21, 2012

We had a great trip on Sunday, netted 13 fish in about 4 hours. The lake trout were on the feed, wanted bright and flashy Worden’s Flatfish lures placed between 75-125 feet behind the downriggers. We kept the lures a little higher off the bottom, downriggers were set about 25-40 feet off the bottom keeping the lures about 5-10 feet up. Fish were feeding aggressively, so we teased them up into biting…

Speed was about 1.1-1.25. Biggest was about 29” and around 7 pounds, most were 4-6 pounds.

These fish are feeding heavily on shrimp, as the orange color of the fillets indicate. March and April is a great time to be on Flathead in our warm, comfortable Sea Raider…but the weather plays a big role in the fish’s behavior.

This report is from Mike Howe at A Able Charters.

The photographs are provided by Jack Chambers, of Missoula, and his friends fishing the Spring Mack Days on Flathead Lake this past weekend. They caught about 90 fish all together with some throw backs that were in the 30-36 inch slot.

Anglers competing in Spring Mack Days entered 3000 fish for the opening weekend.

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