Fishing a Slow Death with a Smile!
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 2, 2012

Mack’s Lure Inc. of Wenatchee, WA is proud to announce the release the Smile Blade® Slow Death Rig. This incredible new rig combines two of the hottest fishing innovations in the walleye fishing world; the patented Smile Blade® and the Slow Death hook.

When we gave select tournament walleye anglers and fishing guides prototypes of this rig to use they soon realized this combination was able to consistently out-perform other lures on the market. We didn’t stop with our initial design though. In fact, Bob Schmidt, General Manager at Mack’s Lure says, “It was feedback from a number of those professional anglers that enabled us to perfect the design and come up with 12 forage based colors for the new rig”.

So what exactly is the Smile Blade Slow Death Rig? We’ll start off with the Slow Death hook which is offset with a large bend and causes your bait to spin with a bite enticing corkscrew action. The Smile Blade portion of the rig is made of lightweight Mylar and not only adds an extra wiggle action to the bait but spins at a speed slower than any other blade out there. Being able to fish this rig so slow with a spinning flash and corkscrew action is something that gets even the most lethargic fish to bite!

The products and pricing will be on the website within the next couple of days. I have quantities in stock right now for orders and they are going out fast! If you have any questions contact me here at the shop at (509 )667-9373 or visit the website at

This post was provided by Bob Loomis, of Mack’s Lure. Contact Bob at 509-667-9373 or email at


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