Fishing the Stillwater in Brett French’s Preview to Saturday’s Radio Show
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 16, 2012

Fishing on the lower Stillwater River last Sunday was crowded. Seems like everyone who owns a rod is anxious to get out and wet a line. Most folks, it seemed, had to settle for warm, calm weather since the fishing seemed to be pretty slow. I landed one fat, bright rainbow on a silver beadheaded nymph and lost one other. I also picked up a few whitefish.

The water temperature is still pretty cold, yet there were midges hatching and a few March brown caddis fluttering around. Despite the sight of the flies, though, I never saw any fish rising. More warm weather this week could mean things will start picking up.

So pack up your rod and take a trip to find out.

Brett French, The Billing Gazette Outdoors Editor,

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