Getting Ready For Spring Hunting
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 2, 2012

Here are a couple Bow Hunting Tips from Silent Draw Outdoors.

We all know that our spring hunting season is just a few months away. I bet there are a lot of sportsman getting ready, but are you?

One of the biggest things that I see are guys wanting to go archery hunting, but haven’t pick their bows up since last years season ended.

Huge mistake!

Make sure you get that bow dusted off and are shooting daily.

We all know how tough hunting can be in the Rockies, but it is even tougher when you have that monster bear or tom turkey in front of you and are struggling to keep your bow steady. The thing we all don’t want is a wounded animal and getting yourself mentally and physically up for the shot is huge.

Start slinging a few arrows and get you upper body back in shape. Our crew is always shooting because we don’t know when we are going to get a call to go on a hunt. This year our crew has been doing a techno archery league. This gives us the amount of shooting time per week to allow us to stay on top of our game. I even set a target up in my garage, 10 yards and just practice form.

The last thing I want is to lose all my momentum in shooting by not doing some basic stuff to keep me fine tuned. So, please if you are getting ready to go archery hunt this spring, get that bow out in advance. We have a month and a half before it is time to hit the woods, so we all need to get ready.

Good hunting and I hope to see some amazing animals on the ground for you all.

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