Good time to fish before the run-off starts in the Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 10, 2012

Hi folks, Angie here from BOB WARD & SONS, with the BEST of fishing from the HELENA area!

STILL a bit of wind on the MISSOURI RIVER, but not enough to pass up some of the BEST fishin’ all winter here! Midges are poppin’ & the fish are there to grab them! Get on the river at midday, get your HI VIS EMERGERS & PARACHUTE ADAMS (sz 16-18) on & you won’t be sorry! The Dam to Craig is the SWEET SPOT, but you probably knew that already…stick with your copper or olive beaded zebras if you’re gonna NYMPH…or go with some pinks, like a Pink Ray Charles in a 14-18, you pretty much can’t go wrong!

ICE CONDITIONS on the north end of CANYON FERRY have been pathetic, so skip this area entirely…still some good ice in the 13” range at the Silos, but we expect SPRING to “spring” this coming week, so use extreme caution! We hear there’s PERCH just north of the Silos, so dip your Hali Spoons tipped with Crawlers and bring ‘em up….look in about 35 feet of water for these You can still get Kokanee Salmon on the HELENA VALLEY REGULATING RESERVOIR, tho….spoons with cocktail shrimp or chunks of corn are catching ‘em here!

Pick up your new 2012 LICENSE from any of your local Bob Wards Stores!! Stay SAFE with the changing weather conditions on the ICE, friends!

Kind of NICE to hear the Skiers stop complaining about the lack of snow for once! Plenty of snow at SHOWDOWN & GREAT DIVIDE to make your day WELL worthwhile. 52+ inches at GREAT DIVIDE & 69” at SHOWDOWN….soft groomed surfaces and light powder at both places!

Make it into the HELENA Bob Wards to pick up clearance gear while the 40% off Lowest Price Sale is still going on! We’ve got at least another week yet…& the new Spring Stuff is arriving daily! You’ve gotta get prepared for the return of dry fly fishing & lots of open waters & we can help you do that!

We’ll catch up again next week, folks, but in the mean time stop by our website at

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