Ice Fishing Is Over in the Eastern Montana Fishing Report: 3/13/12
By Kjel

Posted: March 14, 2012

Please be advised that warm weather has changed   ice conditions making them precarious  and  high wind  conditions mean caution should be used in partially open waters  so please beware.   Call the contact person in the area you are planning on fishing for current daily information. Also use extreme caution on the water   at all times. Good Luck Fishing from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.

***Bill -Rock Creek Marina   1-406-485-2560

Bill says “ ice fishing is over, here.”   There is still ice but we are waiting for the rest of the ice to melt off.   This week fishing cannot happen but he believes if the wind and temperatures continue to be high the ice may be off by next weekend.  He says “it is time to make your reservations now for the spring fishing season.”

***Bob-Bob’s Bait Shop 1406- 429-2086

Crooked Creek Fort Peck Reservoir

“We   have some ice   but you can’t get on it”  Bob says, “  The wind is really  blowing ,” he tells us, and I believe it will be wide open by next weekend.”   His shop will now be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

***Clint Thomas- Hell Creek Marina   1-406- 557-2345

Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir

Ice fishing is done, Clint tells us.  He predicts that if temperatures stay the same  people will be able to put boats in Hell Creek  10 days to 2 weeks from now.   There is not even any place to even shore fish at this time..

***Gene Moore   Lake ridge Motel    1-406-526-3597

Fort Peck Reservoir Dam/Bear Creek/Pines/

Gene Moore, of Lake Ridge says, “  The river is open all the way to
Wolf Point.  ”  “The toughest part,” Gene explains,” is getting out of the boat docks.”

The   walleye and  sager  fishing is really good.  They are using jigs and minnows or lindy rigs and minnows.   “  They are starting to come on, “ he states, they are catching 3 to 6 pounders.”


***West Side Sports –Dan 1-406-654-1611 

Nelson, Forchette

Dan at West Side Sports tells us.”  Nelson is still fishing well . “   The ice is 11 to 12 inches most places but   there  are a few spotty areas.   They are  catching nice perch and northern.  Ice   safety   is still  is  a   concern . the ice in some places is 12 to 16 inches.

Forchette Bay is not  safe or  good.   There is no fishing right now.


***Deadmans and Martinsdale

Justin says,” Martinsdale   is half open. There is still ice by the two dams.  ”  Fishing is pretty good.  They are catching  rainbow trout  around 3 ½ pounds..    They are catching them mostly on worms.   The boat ramp is not quite open here,

Deadmans  is mostly open except the North east corner.  There is a place to launch.   Be careful with the wind.  The wind threw a boat into the ice yesterday.  You have to be careful.”

*** Silos Marina Sharon  266-3100

Canyon Ferry

“  Shore  fishing is  good for trout”, Sharon says.  “Ice fishing is done, “ Sharon tells us .”   The wind   has really been blowing.”

Sharon wants people to use all that excess energy on winterizing their  boat.  Check your spark plugs,” she instructs” and add that seafoam but number 1 check your batteries so you won’t have to buy your battery on your first trip out.”

***Minnow bucket  Allen Camarillo  348-2440

Allen Camarillo tells us that   fishermen   are   catching ling, catfish and sauger  on the Yellowstone.    He says, ” the river is open all the way to Forsythe.”     “Hearing is not seeing , show me some proof, send me your pictures, “ he proclaims.

***Lake Elmo  Billings

Lake Elmo  has open  water.    People   are  fishing from shore and  the dock and catching a few fish.   Lake Elmo was stocked with  3,000  trout fingerlings  this week.

***Don’s      Dave  1-800-879-8194 

Lewistown East Fork Reservoir

Dave says, “The Missouri River is open.”  People are catching catfish and sager on live minnows.  “Ice fishing is just too dangerous,  don’t go, “ he shares.

***Bob Peterson-

Tongue River Reservoir

Bob says, “It all started with a rain we had where we got 2-3 inches so the lake rose.  The ice separated from the shore.  Then we had some cold temperatures and it froze back up, but the ice was rotten.  Now we have  a big margin of water between the ice and the shore so ice conditions are questionable.”  Fishing is lousy.

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