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Posted: March 7, 2012

***Bill -Rock Creek Marina   1-406-485-2560

Bill says the ice is 6 inches to a foot.  He had a group of fishermen who did well at Buck Creek.  They caught lake trout and   Northerns ,  one was 34 inches.  He says they are catching perch at Nelson creek.   Due to the warm temps predicted he suspects this weekend may be the last weekend for ice fishing.

***Bob-Bob’s Bait Shop 1406- 429-2086

Crooked Creek Fort Peck Reservoir

Fishing is slow.  “The ice is   still  18  inches  in the Bay”  Bob says, “  They have been catching crappies, perch, and northern.  The river channel is opening up.  “Spring fishing is coming quicker than we think,” Bob tells me.

***Clint Thomas- Hell Creek Marina   1-406- 557-2345

Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir

Ice is going to be gone soon.  He predicts that if temperatures are what they are predicting this weekend,   the ice will not be fishable after about 10 days, “ Right now you should fish by foot unless you want to have me pull your 4 wheeler out,” he says .”We are seeing perch but no walleye right now.  Right now  the  fishing  is along the shore,” Clint says.

***Gene Moore   Lake ridge Motel    1-406-526-3597

Fort Peck Reservoir Dam/Bear Creek/Pines/

Gene Moore, of Lake Ridge says, “  Northern  fishing is excellent!  ”   The  pines and Flatlake bay  and Duck Creek  are fishing well.   The ice is 5 to 8 inches so people are fishing close to the shore.

Walleye fishing is good below the Dam in the river. “ It is really good, “he says, just dynamite!.”   Two boat docks are open, Boy Scout and School trust.  Bear Creek is really good but the ice is just plain lousy.

***West Side Sports –Dan 1-406-654-1611 

Nelson, Forchette

Dan at West Side Sports tells us.”  Nelson is still fishing well . “   They are still   getting out there   with 4 wheelers and using foot power.  Walleye fishing is  slow.  Perch are still on.  It is now spotty on northern.    Ice   safety   is still  is  a   concern . the ice in some places is 12 to 16 inches.

People say stay off   Forchette Bay as the ice is not good. “ Most  people have pulled off   fishing there,” Dan said.   Safety is the important thing with this fishing,” Dan said 

*** Silos Marina Sharon  266-3100

Canyon Ferry

“  Trout  fishing is really good”.  “We are seeing a few walleyes, “Sharon says.   They are nice size 16 to 18 inches.   Perch are moving up from 60 feet and biting on dark  wolly  buggers.  “If you are going to go ice fishing do it this weekend as if we get the warm temperatures the ice will be gone  ”, Sharon said.   Ice is   15  to 16 inches.

***Minnow bucket  Allen Camarillo  348-2440

Allen Camarillo tells us that   fishermen   are   fishing   down east on the Yellowstone.    He says some people are catching catfish on the Yellowstone on warmer days near the   Huntley area.     People are   trying for ling in the evenings.  So I am stocking up on worms and minnows.

***Lake Elmo  Billings

Lake Elmo as the   water is almost   open.    People   are pole   fishing off the dock and catching a few fish.


The ling   fishing  at night is slowing down.   The Ice has snow cover and   is 16 inches.        People   still   need to monitor ice conditions   on the   ice because of fluctuating temperatures.

***Don’s      Dave  1-800-879-8194 

Lewistown East Fork Reservoir

Dale says, “Ice is punky on Crooked Creek.  They are catching northern mostly. “

Spring Creek is open year round for fishing. “ We are all hoping the Missouri River opens up so we can get out there,” he says.  Warm temperatures coming up will make that happen soon.

Casino Creek reservoir is fishing well.  There they are catching nice  1 pound perch  on decent ice.

***Bob Peterson-

Tongue River Reservoir

All we have seen this week is a few people fishing for catfish.  They caught them through the ice.  The ice is not good.  The lake came up so to fish it is not easy to get up on to the ice now.

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