Is it time to Hatch? Bob Ward’s Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report says it’s getting close
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 31, 2012

Hi, it’s ANGIE from Bob Ward & Sons, with April fishing in the Butte & Bozeman areas!

With warmish days & overcast predicted, now’s the time for HATCHES! In addition to a surge in the MIDGE hatch, I’ll bet we will see some NICE Baetis/Blue Winged Olives in the air, too, especially on the YELLOWSTONE (shown above) & the BEAVERHEAD…Pipe Organ & below on the BEAVERHEAD, & Paradise Valley on the YELLOWSTONE have been the sweet spots this week, and continue to look very good! Don’t be afraid to toss in a few meaty Streamers in either of these waters, like a Swimmin Jimmy in Rainbow or a Silveys Sculpin…sizes 2-4 are working best!

The LOWER MADISON is still a touch colored (visibility is at about 2 feet), & the Canyon area of the GALLATIN is a bit cloudy now, too. The EAST GALLATIN is quite cloudy as well….these 3 wouldn’t be a TOP choice for this week, but of the 3, the GALLATIN is probably the best if you stick to the Valley…if you go here, fish darker colors in the deepest holes you can find…we recommend a Brown Keystone or a Black or Coffee Rubberlegs in sizes 6-8! Bring your Midge Clusters along, too…the overcast days promise some decent dry fly fishin’! The BIG HOLE from Melrose down has seen some success in the last week, especially with Streamers (like your Fathead or Space Invader in White or Olive, sz 2!)…the JEFFERSON is seeing its usual Spring improvement. Try your big uglies here too, like a Yellow Home Invader or a Pearl Zonker in a sz 4…or just deaddrift a Clousers Crayfish in an 8! If you’re headed a bit EAST of here, don’t discount the BOULDER, especially right around Big Timber…Goldenstones are a go-to here, or drift a Streamer of a touch smaller size than you’d use on the bigger rivers, like a sz 6 Olive Sculpin!

You’ve got two weekends & one week between ‘em at DISCOVERY, BRIDGER BOWL, BIG SKY & MOONLIGHT…make those season tickets you got WORTH it! Conditions at all areas are spring snow…we encourage you to take along your transmitters just to stay safe from any slides, this late in the season.

Grab a copy of the 2012 Fishing Regs when you’re in the BUTTE or BOZEMAN Bob Wards stores…or grab yourself the new Rod or Reel you’ve been wanting! Or grab yourself a new 22 rifle, & some shells, & hunt a few gophers if you’re tired of catching all those fish & want to take a break from the water for a bit…we’ve got what you want! More next week, friends!


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