It’s a ling thing – Brett French preview to Saturday’s show
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 23, 2012

On Thursday, I boated along the Yellowstone River between Duck Creek and Buffalo Mirage fishing access sites near Laurel with a Fish, Wildlife and Parks crew. The crew is trapping burbot, also known as ling, as part of a long-term study to learn more about the species. See this Thursday’s Billings Gazette Outdoors section for the full story and more photos.

This past week, I wrote a story about the Back Country Horsemen, who will be holding their state convention in Billings beginning on March 30 at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center. The group was dreamed up 40 years ago by some backcountry hunting buddies and has grown to 13,000 members in 22 states.

Also, in Sunday’s Gazette, Fish, Wildlife and Parks has decided to proceed with its plans to try and suppress northern pike in the upper Missouri River basin — from Holter Dam upstream to the three forks of the Missouri.

Here’s a link to the Back Country Horsemen story:

This post was provided by Brett French, Outdoors Editor at the Billings Gazette.

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