Large lake trout caught in the Flathead Lake Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 14, 2012

Big news, really big news about Flathead Lake! This is one of those stories that if the public is not informed early and stays informed they will wonder what happened when all the Lake Trout are gone!

If you did not see the recent article that Montana FWP has withdrawn from the co-management of Flathead Lake see here… Read the full story HERE.


Below is a quick Fishing Report from Flathead Lake:

Fish can be found in the big flats off shore usually in 180 to 200 ft. of water. The big lake trout from 30” to 40” go out to these big flats to feed on the small white fish and fresh water shrimp.

Try trolling large flatfish from Worden’s. Try T-50, 55, and T-60’s. Maybe colors in the Luminous, white belly red top, and metallic silver blue scale. When trolling for these flatfish, go SLOW, 1 mph or slower. Also try Worden’s MAG LIP in the white belly red top, blue bandit, and the fish reaper.

Keep these flatfish trenching along the bottom of these flats and the edge of the rocky transition to the flats.

When using the down riggers, present the lures 150 feet behind the downrigger ball. Set the down rigger weight approximately 5 ft. off the bottom. Keeping the weight tight to the bottom will assure that the flatfish will be in the zone of where these fish live.

Also, set out a steel line down the middle to fish another zone, further behind the boat. When using steel line make sure that the lure is in the zone of these fish tight to the bottom. Using steel line it will take a large capacity reel with 1000ft of steel line. It will take approximately 600 feet of line out to get these lures in the zone.

See ya on the water!

This report was provided by Captain Bob Orsua, of Mo Fisch Charters

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