March Continues to be Productive on Flathead Lake: From Captain Bob Orsua
By Kjel

Posted: March 20, 2012
March continues to be a very productive month on Flathead Lake. The lake trout are staged out on the big flats in 160 to 200 ft. of water. Try trolling flatfish from Worden’s. The MAGLIP 4.5 inches long has been working extremely well. The rattles and the erratic action of this lure is a very reliable lure for lake trout.
The MAGLIP in the white belly/red top, also the Scratch is a good color that is chartreuse chrome, and blue, also the blue bandit is a good color.
Worden’s Flatfish in T-50, 55 and 60 is also out on one of the downriggers or the steel line down the middle.
Where to fish?
I like the big flats from Angle Point south to the reservation line. I start in 160 ft. of water, and then troll south all the way past Cedar Island into 200 ft. of water. Also the center bar just west of the drop-off is holding fish. Troll with the wind for better boat control, and keep that speed at 1 mph. Remember you can’t go to slow pulling these Flatfish, and the lake trout this time of year don’t want to chase anything to fast in 38 degree of water.  
May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it? —Irish Blessing
Tight lines;
Capt. Bob Orsua
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