Montana Fly Fishing Outfitter John Perry’s Report of the Week: Bitteroot River Is Hot
By Kjel

Posted: March 29, 2012

Here is a bit of fishing information for this week.  Best large river to fish in the Missoula area right now is the Bitterroot River.  Even though the water is fluctuating a bit and the water color is off somewhat fishers are having fair to very good days on the upper river using a variety of Skwala stone fly patterns.  The darker olive patterns seem to be producing a little better from the reports.  Inside seems, tailouts and foam lines seem to be the most effective water.  Best time to fish seems to be from about 2-5.

If you plan on starting your day early on the river-use a larger Skwala dry and try dropping a size 10 stone fly nymph about 2 to 4 feet off of it – depending on water speed and depth.  At the end of the drift try pointing your rod down stream towards your flies and then let skate or swing and retrieve slowly-sometimes works for a fish every now and then if things haven’t started yet.  Oh, if you are going to fish the Bitterroot… you won’t be alone.  Believe it or not this time of year is by far the busiest time of the year on the Bitterroot.  Good Luck!

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