Montana Fly Fishing Outfitter John Perry’s Tip of the Week: Missouri River Fly Fishing
By Kjel

Posted: March 20, 2012

The Montana Outdoor Radio Show would like to introduce John Perry, a professional guide and outfitter. John Perry of John Perry’s Montana Fly Fishing has set the standard for fly fishing outfitting and guiding for over 25 years. John Perry is also the originator of several nationally known flies and has had thousands of days on the water. We are excitement to add John to our reporting team and look forward to his expert advice.

Hello all,

Some of the best fly fishing in the state right now is on the Missouri River.  Lots of fisherman are using different techniques to catch the fish.  I know many die hard dry fly fisherman are using small black stonefly patterns – imitations of the winter stone or capnia.  They are also using a variety of midge patterns-one of the most popular is the

Griffith’s gnat-size 18 and 20.  Some guys are even using a size 14 griffith’s gnat with a size 20 dropped off if it.  But, the most productive way of fishing the Missouri right now is with nymphs.  Maybe start the day off with about 6 feet from indicator to first fly.  Tie a dropper nymph off of that about 18 inches.  Depending on current you are fishing in and depth of water-add or subtract BB’s – experiment.  As the day warms up and after a late lunch-maybe fish shallower water and move the top fly to about 3 feet from the indicator-second fly still at about 18 inches from top fly.  Colors that are working-pinks, reds, peacock, black and whites, and purples.  Sometimes any color under the sun will work!

Good luck out there,

John Perry,
Professional Guide and Outfitter
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