Helena Reservoir Fishing Report

Open water and great trout fishing on Canyon Ferry in the Helena Area Bob Ward’s Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 24, 2012

Hi folks, Angie here from BOB WARD & SONS, & in spite of a Spring snowstorm early in the week, it is SPRING on the waters in & near Helena!

Total OPEN WATER on Canyon Ferry, & we’re hearing the TROUT fishing is not just great, but really EXCELLENT right now! It’s spawn time for the PERCH, so be wary of that.

Otherwise, get your boat on the water and go for some trout! The folks who’ve been launching their craft at GATES OF THE MOUNTAIN are still reporting success there…get your Spring Midge Emergers in your box, & Gnats as well as Parachute Adams…16-20 are the size you want to have on hand this time of the season. Keep in mind that it IS still March, & a touch windy…bring your wind gear to keep the gusts from chilling you!

The Missouri will see some drier, milder weather this week, but will still be a bit WINDY as well…reports say that fishin’s good, especially with DRIES right now, if you can get into a decently-sheltered spot. Dam to CRAIG is KILLER, as is usually the case…the midge clouds have been dense, & if you want to NYMPH, try a Rust-colored Hogans S&M Nymph, or your Red or Pink San Juans in 14-18. The RUBY RIVER’s still rated as Very Good fishing right now, below the Dam in the tailwater…we’ve heard the fish are rising for some Midge bites here, or you can get down deep with your Egg Patterns or Worms and bring ‘em up!

Make sure you have a current copy of the Montana Fishing Regulations, which are available in the HELENA STORE, or at any Bob Wards near you. It’s important you know all the rules with the 2012 fishing season getting quickly underway!

The recent snow was a boon to GREAT DIVIDE, adding a good 7”. SHOWDOWN didn’t get significant accumulations, BUT got plenty of powder, so conditions there are SUPER! Get in all the skiing you can before the resorts close in a month or less…All trails & lifts are open at both of these fine ski areas.

You have got to come in and check out our new Fly-Tying supplies! Tis the season! We’ve also got an extensive selection of tied flies for you to choose from, and the new Spring rods, reels and wade shoes are out, too! Ah, Spring on the water! Is there a finer time to be outdoors?? Catch you next week, but in the meantime stop by our website www.BOBWARDS.com

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