Spring temperatures could mean good fishing in the Butte and Bozeman Bob Ward’s Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 24, 2012

Hi, it’s ANGIE from Bob Ward & Sons, with the GOOD NEWS about fishing in the Butte & Bozeman areas!

FORGET the ice fishing for this season, folks…I hope it was a successful year for all of you, in spite of the mild winter we’ve had! Get your “spring” on! The forecast shows weather in the 60’s starting THIS WEEKEND, prime temperatures for a fine day on just about any lake or river in our area!

Still have a BIG midge hatch going on all over, BEAVERHEAD, YELLOWSTONE, GALLATIN & EAST GAL primarily…we are losing a little visibility on the LOWER MADDY due to Ennis Lake drainoff, so maybe give this area a rest for the week. STILL, if you’re hankering for Dry Flies, stock your box with Midge Emergers & Gnats in size 18-20 & head to one of these rivers about midday. Don’t fail to keep the Winter Nymph Selection going for the next little bit too…you’ll want Egg Patterns, San Juans, Rubberlegs & maybe a Crayfish or two…our in-house anglers are still sticking to dark colors in the Brown, Tan or Black range! Other great spots that have opened up in the Butte/Bozeman areas are the JEFFERSON, the BIG HOLE, and the BOULDER…Waterloo Bridge to Point Of Rocks on the JEFF has a sizzling Rainbow population now, & is ripe for stripping some big ugly STREAMERS, like your Zonkers in Tan, in a sz 6…the BIG HOLE is hot from Melrose down, again for the BIG MEAT, like a sz 2 Olive or Brown Space Invader…the BOULDER is in good shape down lower, & not as BUSY as the YELLOWSTONE, keep to your Keystones in a 6 or a small Copper John or Crystal PT…speaking of the YELLOWSTONE, if you want to head EAST, the CATFISH haul is huge near Huntley, using Shrimp, Sucker Minnows & Goldeneye! Avoid the WIND as best you can in many of these areas, & take along your rain or windgear for best protection!

Bozeman got a good foot of snow Monday of this week, which has melted in the Valley, but has added greatly to the superb skiing at BRIDGER BOWL, MOONLIGHT & BIG SKY! Take in as much as you can get—the resorts have less than a month left before the season closes, & you don’t want to miss out!

Time for DRIES on the water again, so hop on in to BUTTE or BOZEMAN Bob Wards for Fly Tying supplies, the new selection of Dries, & the latest and greatest on where to fish! Also grab a copy of the 2012 Fishing Regs when you get your new license, so that you’re in the know when on the water. We’ll be out there with you, now that Spring is in the air!

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