The Gallatin and Blackfoot fishing well in the Montana River Report
By Scott Anderson

Posted: March 23, 2012

BITTERROOT RIVER – The Root is on the rise, once again. With the temps rising this weekend, it will only continue to rise. This should get the fish moving and reports of more Skwala stone flies on the river. This weekend is will be the time to be on the ROOT. Lots of people out there so be sure to share the water with others.

BLACKFOOT RIVER – The Blackfoot near Missoula, Montana should be good this weekend, if you do not want to see crowds. This would be my river of choice if I was in the Missoula area. For the simple fact that I would not want to be on the river with lots of other boats. Try streamers, san juan worms of all colors and sizes, and stone fly nymph patterns. That should get you a fish or two.

CLARK FORK RIVER – The upper portion of the Clark Fork River is the only option at the moment. As the Bitterroot and Blackfoot rivers rise it will put the Clark Fork in rough shape. Reports of Skwalas moving around on the surface along with March Browns should be the indicator that the upper river is coming into play. Streamers are still an option, but remember that the water is cold and you must move the streamer slow.

MISSOURI RIVER – The Missouri river in Craig, Montana is one of the best rivers to fish in Montana, right now. One can cast to risers on midge pattern. Remember that if you do not see any risers then go sub surface and try size 12 to 16 pink scuds or rainbow warriors. Basically any small nymph should produce a few quality fish on the MO.

YELLOWSTONE RIVER – The Yellowstone has been producing good on the nymph rigs. Any scud or pheasant tail pattern will get you into a fish or two. The midge action has been great in the slower water and tail outs. Remember to try and go on the cloudy non-windy days for the best results. MUCH OF THE SAME!

GALLATIN RIVER – Midge action is good. Montana Fishing guide and tv host of fish whisper, Zac Sexton, gave a fishing report from the Bozeman area today. Zac reported that the March Browns and Midges were out in force on the Madison river in numbers. This was below the Bear Trap section of the Madison River. As for the Yellowstone, Zac reported the hot flies were the March Brown nymphs, Midges and Stonefly nymphs. On the Gallatin River, Zac reported olive streamers were the ticket. He also said that the spring winds, which are common in the Bozeman area, were NOT howling.

THOMPSON RIVER – Fly Fishing on the Thompson river is not a good option this weekend. The river has been up and down in flows and pretty much unstable. We need some warm weather for consecutive days to get the rive back into play. The fish are just not doing much now.

BULL RIVER – If you like to fly fish in snow shoes and take your life into your own hands then this is the place to be.. make sure that you take your 44 mag and your trusty dog along so you do not become Mountain Lion lunch. Same as last week!

NOXON LAKE – Noxon ice is starting to melt. Watch out when you go out on the Ice. I for one will not go out on the ice because I do not want to become a human bobber. It is time to catch the pike on the fly. Check out our rates and book online for this trip. It is pretty cool when you can catch a 30 pound pike on a fly rod!


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