Turkey Talk from Silent Draw Outdoors
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 10, 2012

Lets Talk Turkey with Silent Draw Outdoors.

With spring turkey season just a month away, I figure we better talk a little turkey talk and give you some tips that we use to call them big old gobblers in. 

First, you need a good decoy. We at SDO only hunt a decoy from Double Header Decoys. They are basically a taxidermy stuffed turkey decoy. Nice thing about a good decoy is that the toms feel a lot safer when the decoy looks and moves like it is real. I know I have been in the blind and have thrown everything at the tom but the kitchen sink and he seems to hang up. Reason is he isn’t quit sure of the decoy. If it is laying to far to the side or doesn’t have motion they seem to be less interested in coming in. Always make your decoy look as real as possible.

Second, you need to place your decoys in a way to get nice clean shots. I always put my decoys in a triangle shape, usually with the tom to on side or the other. This gives me a nice clean look at the tom coming in. I also put my hen decoys either broadside or quartering away from the blind. I do this to make for sure I am going to have a broadside or quartering away bow shot. Most toms will come to the side or back of the hen decoys.

I hope that you can use some of this to make your next turkey hunt as successful as possible. Good hunting and shoot straight!

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