Tying a George’s Brown Stone in the Fly Tiers Weekly Round Table
By Matt Schauer

Posted: March 11, 2012

Every Saturday, some of the best anglers and tiers in Missoula gather at Rock Creek Fisherman’s Mercantile for the Fly Tiers Weekly Round Table.  They usually tie some really wild, yet effective patterns.

This week, Bill Gray tied a George’s Brown Stone.  It is a great stonefly nymph for the spring.



Hook: Dai Riki 700, size 6 or 8

Body: Lead, Brown Yarn, Tan Yarn

Wing: Muskrat

Tail: Brown hackle


This stonefly nymph, requires a weaving process to get the brown/tan pattern on the fly.  It’s a little difficult to describe, but if your interested in learning more stop by RCFM, next Saturday, for the Fly Tiers Weekly Round Table.

Contact Rock Creek Fisherman’s Mercantile at (406) 825-6440 and for more information follow the link to www.RCMERC.com

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