When You Can’t Fish, Get Ready To Fish: Organizing Tackle Boxes With Professional Angler Pat Slater
By Kjel

Posted: March 12, 2012

WIND, WIND, WIND….. Seems synonymous with Spring in the mountain west. Needless to say I didn’t make it out yet. So I’m left with getting tackle organized.

Time to go through the numerous crank bait boxes in the boat. Like some many, I’m blessed/cursed with more hard baits than I can fish but they do no good at home on the shelf. So I load them in the boat in such a way that when the time comes to troll, I can find what I want without too much lost time.

After checking the hooks, split rings and diving lips and nose attachments, I place them in boxes with the same size and style or brand baits. I use file folder racks to hold the boxes on edge in my storage compartments so I can grab them easily. The boxes are labeled so identifying them is quick. It’s amazing just how many of my crank baits need some attention after a long season.

We’re getting close to launch time. With some time and enjoyable work, we’ll be ready! Until then… Be Smart, Be Safe

This post provided by: Pat Slater

Pro Staff: Mack’s Lure & Ranger Boats

National Professional Angler Asociation #757


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