Duck Breast Salad
By Hookemharry

Posted: April 2, 2012

The holidays are over and for those have duck breasts in the freezer, the following recipe for Duck Breast Salad should do well. I have been asked to write a duck recipe, so here it is at last.


What you need.


Half cup soy sauce

One third cup molasses

One tablespoon olive oil

Two garlic cloves finely chopped

One teaspoon fresh ground ginger

Half teaspoon ground red pepper

Two duck breasts

One bunch red leaf lettuce

One bunch green leaf lettuce

Three Roma tomatoes sliced


What you do.

Mix the first six ingredients well. De-bone the breasts and soak in marinade for thirty minutes to an hour. Remove breasts from marinade and broil till medium don, all the while basting with the marinade whiles cooking. Remove from grill and slice diagonally then serve over the tossed lettuce and tomato salad. A honey Dijon dressing or dressing of choice.

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