Flathead Lake Fishing Report: Weather VS Fishing
By Kjel

Posted: April 16, 2012

 Flathead Lake:

Lake trout fishing has been a little slow. The weather has been different every day. The dropping barometer hasn’t helped, the wind has been unpredictable and the temperature has been up and down. As soon as the weather stabilizes the fishing will get better.

The runoff is putting the muddy water and high oxygen levels, and minnows in the lake. Try fishing the delta at the north end. Start along the mud line and watch you fish finder for suspended fish. Trolling with the typical flasher/dodger combinations with houchies or ace hi fly. Also try some spoons. Brass spoons with the red stripe are always a good starting point. Stacking your downriggers with the bottom rig close to the bottom and a spoon for the suspended fish.

Lake Koocanusa:

We fished Lake Koocanusa last Sunday and only boated one small rainbow and two small bull trout. Again, the weather was a problem. Saturday night the barometer dropped like a rock, the temperature fell to the low 30’s and it dropped an inch of slushy snow. The lake is down 70’ the boat ramps are fine. The lake is starting to get muddy from the runoff, but the middle of the lake is still clear. The surface water temperature is 41.9 and rising. The fishing will get better as the surface temperature gets up near the 50 degree range.

The Kokanee fishing is very good right now. All the guys I talked to were limiting out. The fish are in the 8-12 in. range.

See ya on the water,

Capt. Bob

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