Good Fishing Opportunities in the Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: April 21, 2012

Hi, it’s ANGIE from Bob Ward & Sons, & you need to be out FISHIN’ in the Butte & Bozeman areas!

BUTTE folks are reporting success with BIG Streamers from the banks, at the BIG HOLE & the JEFFERSON (specifically the Waterloo Access on the JEFF, where there’s the LEAST amount of color in the water!)…look to your sizes 0 thru 2 & go White & Black! Or dip a 5, 7 or 9 Rapalla at either place…Glen to Notch Bottom on the BIG HOLE is deep, so if you LAUNCH, dress warm & eat a hearty breakfast as you WILL be doing a bit of rowing! The Ling Fishin’ on CLARK CANYON is spectacular in the “wee” hours, but don’t forget casting from the shore for Trout here, either! The fishin’s fair to middlin’ on the RUBY RIVER with a jig or spinner of your choice (we like the golden or brown colors). BEAVERHEAD’S got the Dry Fly action going, with plenty of BWO’s & Midge Swarms, so that’s the place to be this weekend with your Dries…if you’re gonna FLOAT, just a caution that the Barrett’s Takeout is busy & sloppy—you may very well need a winch here!

BOZEMAN’S recommending that you stay below Taylor’s Fork on the GALLATIN for the green water…that Fork adds a lot of mud into the river and best to avoid it for now! That said, stay ABOVE Manhattan, where the EAST GAL dumps in, the same bad clarity issue there, too! Streamers; large, black, white or yellow are a great choice here! The LOWER MADDY’s got a touch of green as well, but better “vis” than the last couple weeks overall, and nice Dry Action with Baetis & Midges—or nymph a Goldenstone or a Crayfish in sz 10 or a little larger! It’s pretty windy on the YELLOWSTONE which has been affecting fishing some, but if you can find shelter, & some cloud cover, your Midges & BWO patterns will work here….we’d personally stick closer to Bozeman, the weather & water’s in better shape!

Come visit us in the BUTTE or BOZEMAN stores for WARM & WATERPROOF Spring fishing apparel, from jackets to waders to boots! Check out the new Frameless PONTOON we have just in time for floating, too! Ask us for the latest fishing advice, and river or lake conditions…we’re on top of all that! Best of luck landing the big ones this week, friends!

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