Mack Days Update: 6th week
By Kjel

Posted: April 23, 2012

Spring Mack Days anglers continue a record breaking pace on Flathead Lake.  A total of 19,051 lake trout have been entered in during the event through the first eighteen days.  The total after eighteen days in the 2010 Spring Event which has the highest event total was 17,327.  Friday’s windy day total was the lowest for the weekend with 765.  Saturday made up for it with a daily event record of 1,889 entries.  Sunday was another great day with 1,257 lake trout turned in bringing the weekend total to 3,911.  Eight hundred ninety anglers are registered in the event.

Mack Days are sponsored by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and are used as a tool to slowly reduce the number of non-native lake trout in Flathead Lake.  Up to $150,000 in Cash and Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the event on May 20th.

Congratulations to Kalispell angler Matt Guckenberg who has turned in 119 lake trout entries so far.  Matt seems to have the right touch or technique for catching tagged lake trout and he is having some very good luck.  His total so far is three for $500. Still eluding the anglers are the tagged fish with values from $1,000-$10,000 even though there were thirty three tagged fish turned in the sixth weekend.  The higher valued tagged lake trout were tagged and released throughout the lake the week before the event began.  Information about the tagged fish turned in can be seen on the website at Turning in a $500 tag was Russ Hadley-Kalispell. Vickie Castor-Polson-a lake trout for $200  Anglers turning in $100 tags were Don Beville x 3-Lakeside, Steve Benson-Four Lakes, WA., Danny Smith-Hot Springs, Marty Noyd-Missoula, Dean Vaughan-Charlo, Kathleen Bell-Polson, Garett Beville-Lakeside, Brando Limpo, Willie Murry-Columbia Falls, Travis Banyai-Lakeside, Conn Hodgson-Kalispell, Larry Ashwell-Missoula, Nicole Peters-Missoula, Felix Gauci-Stevensville, Brian Long x 2-Columbia Falls, Darren Borgen-Columbia Falls, Joe Schrader-Kalispell, Darwin Zempel-Ravalli, Paul Lebert-Kalispell, Josh Angert-Florence, Brandt Hammernick x 2-Missoula, Craig Morigeau x 2-Polson, Roger Dilts-Polson, and Don Peters-Missoula.

New leader in the event is Don Beville of Lakeside-706, Mike Benson-Lonepine-675-2nd, Craig Morigeau-Polson-3rd-595, Steven Benson-4th-Four Lakes, Wa.-558, Danny Smith-Hot Springs-5th-557 and a daily high for the weekend of 88, Scott Bombard-Missoula-6th-530, Jason Mahlen-Kalispell-7th-517, Jerry Benson-Plains-8th-486, David McDaniel-Polson-9th-441, Larry Schmill-Missoula-10th with 394.  Top ten anglers will be placed on their best 18 day average at the end of the event.  That means they have to beat their lowest day total to gain on their average or to be able to add tickets to the drawing.  Bonuses continue to go up as their total goes up.

Tracy Powers-Missoula has a total of 204 to lead the ladies.  Susan Martin of Polson is second with 158 and Deana Knipe-Polson 3rd with 66, Nicole Peters-Missoula-62-4th, and Terry Biere-Butte-37-5th.

New leader in the youth 13-17 is Tanner Murry-Columbia Falls with 169, Connor Kowalski-Florence-2nd 148, Garrett Beville-Lakeside-98, Kobe Cox-Charlo-58-4th, Roger Guillory-Kalispell-5th with 44.  Youth 12 & Under leader is Garett Vaughan-Charlo-123, Dylan Hodgson-Kalispell-37, Danner Shima-Kalispell-34, Carson McDaniel-Polson-23, and Autumn Powers-Missoula-18.

Lake trout entries can be donated to be processed and distributed to food banks throughout the area from Whitefish to Missoula.

Entries are taken until the last day of the event and there is no entry fee.  Check the website for information or telephone 406-883-2888 ex. 7294

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