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Mack’s in April: Flathead Lake Fishing Report
By Kjel

Posted: April 9, 2012
Where to fish:
April is a transition month on Flathead Lake. The majority of the shallow water fish, 120’ for less, move to the north end of the lake to take advantage of the runoff. The high river flow brings into the lake more oxygenated water and many small fish to feed on.
The north end of the lake near the river mouth, and off the east side of the center bar is where you want to do most of your trolling. Try trolling anywhere from 60’ out to 160’ somewhere along a contour line you will find what depth the fish are staging on that given day.
What to use:
Try trolling Electronic ProChip 8 Series flashers from Pro-Troll. These are the flashers with the Echip in them. Try them in#105 glow green, # 746 Glow Chartreuse, # 725 Double glow Chartreuse.  Behind the flasher I like to attach either a B-2 squid in glow white or an Ace Hi Fly from Silver Horde in #142, 140, or a 161 all these colors have a lot of flash and glitter mainly in glow greens and silvers. Also try some of your favorite spoons stacked above your downrigger weights as fish will suspend this time of the year.
Tip of the week:
Move around; don’t stay in the same area to long. If you are marking fish but they aren’t biting try another area. Sometimes you don’t have to move very far.
Also, if you are catching a few fish, never leave fish to find fish. Try and refine you baits and your presentation to increase your catch rate.
See ya on the water,

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