Midges and Blue Winged Olives Popping on the Missouri River in The Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: April 28, 2012

Hi folks, Angie here from BOB WARD & SONS, & the weather is EASY for fishing in the beautiful HELENA area!

Gotta love the CLOUDS! And by that, I mean both the OVERCAST & the CLOUDS of Midges & Blue Winged Olives on the MISSOURI, particularly below Holter Dam. Maybe try a 16 Lipstick Butt Blue Winged Olive on for size! Late afternoons, or early twilight have been equally productive for Dries, you just gotta get out there! Get your Spring Nymph game on, in the sunshiny part of the day, with Scuds, Beadheads, San Juans or Zebra Midges…reds, tans & browns seem to be the color choices of the moment! Streamer fishing is DECADENT, get out your Minnows or Whitefish with a little bit of PEARL or BLING…don’t be shy with the FLASH, you got some hungry fish ready to eat in the MO!

We’ve had it on good authority that trout fishing in the LAKES (CANYON FERRY, HOLTER, HAUSER, LAKE HELENA) is a touch sporadic at present….why, you may ask?? Cuz the WALLEYE are out in great force and biting on just about anything! Big crawlers, leeches, power worms, crankbaits, jigging, you name it! Get yourself on the South End of CANYON FERRY or just about any Lake, away from the shore, & hit it BIG. Also reports of Carp in the shallows being caught by waders, so don’t you miss out!

We’re getting close to the MAY 1 deadline for Special Drawing Permits for Moose, Sheep, Goat & Bison! Just a heads-up, sportsmen!

Get your new spincast combo, on sale this week at the Bob Wards in HELENA, or pick up some fresh worms or LEECHES…and catch yourself some Walleye! You’ll probably see us right out there beside you…I’m back with more fishing info next week, friends & neighbors!

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