Not All The Rivers Are Blown Out For Fly Fishing
By Matt Schauer

Posted: April 26, 2012

Everybody must know that all the rivers in Western Montana are out due to high water. Anyway, time to head to the Missouri and the Beaverhead if you want some fly fishing action. Olive and brown streamers are working on the Beaverhead. Cast them into the banks and retrieve upstream with a dart action. Also nymphing with dark red chenille san juan worms is working well. Try to use about a 4 foot distance between the indicator and the bottom fly-if you want to try something new- put the weight below the bottom fly about 18 inches tied on to about 4x tippet. This technique seems to out produce the standard way. The Missouri is still fishing very good with nymphs especially when it is overcast or cloudy. Best nymphs are: pink rainbow check nymph size 16 and 18, red lightning bugs-same sizes, and the black or red zebra midge nymph size 18. In the evening small white streamers are also working on the Missouri. Good Luck!!!


This post was provided by Mountain Man, John Perry

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