Oriental Venison Dish
By Hookemharry

Posted: April 16, 2012

In the mood for something different tonight?, How about an Oriental dish. This dish is really fast if you use instant rice, but I prefer to use freshly steamed long grain rice.

What you need.

One pound venison – sliced thin against the grain Four cups cooked white rice Two cloves garlic – minced One small package of frozen snow peas Half medium onion sliced thin Quarter cup oyster sauce One four ounce can button mushrooms Soy sauce Peanut oil

What you need.

Using a large wok or fry pan, coat it with the peanut oil. Heat to medium high heat. Add the venison, onions and garlic. When meat is browned add the oyster sauce, mushrooms and snow peas. Stir fry until thoroughly heated. Serve over hot rice and flavor with the soy sauce.

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