Silent Draw Outdoors Archery Tips
By Matt Schauer

Posted: April 10, 2012

Silent Draw Outdoors Archery Tips

With bear season here I thought I would share some shooting tips when it comes to archery hunting.

Most archers, especially the new ones, do not do the same routine every time they shoot. So what do I mean by routine. Every time you are getting ready to shoot there is a series of things you need to do to properly make sure you are shooting and pulling your bow the same every time.

So let start first with your legs. You want to be in a comfortable shooting position and it starts with your legs. Make your legs not more then shoulder width apart. This is a natural stance for you.

Next would be arrow nocking. Make sure you nock your arrow the same way every time. I always put my arrow on the way it would be on your rest. If you come from the side and then nock, you are going to likely have a bit of peep rotation which you don’t want.

Then comes your draw. You always want to draw your bow back the same way each time. Most people have too much poundage and they struggle to pull it back. Shoot a comfortable poundage that when you pull it back, there is as little motion as possible.

Next is anchor point. This is a point to where your string hits your face, in my case I put the string to my nose and my trigger finger knuckle in the pocket behind my ear. This insures that when I pull my bow back, I am in the same position or anchor point every time I shoot.

If you don’t do this same point, you will never have a consistent group of arrows in your target. Even with a 1/4 inch in any direction will impact the flight of the arrow.

The last and final step is arrow release. You must always let your shoulders release the trigger. No punching the trigger, which causes bad shots. I hope these helpful tips make you the bow hunter you have always wanted to be. Good shooting!

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