Helena Reservoir Fishing Report

Time to Drift Spawn Sacs on Canyon Ferry in the Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: April 14, 2012

Hi folks, Angie here from BOB WARD & SONS, sounding off on where & what to fish in the HELENA area!

Time to drift Spawn Sacs for Rainbow on CANYON FERRY! Fish from shore under a bobber or a slip-bobber, or troll with a Worm Harness or a small Rapalla at about 8-12 feet! Or try a Pink or Pearl Red Corkie with a half-crawler underneath, from just about anywhere on the lake, say our Bob Wards fishing experts! HOLTER & HAUSER will be similar…HAUSER is sporting some Walleye right now, below the Dam, so get yourself near the retaining wall & use a Dark Jig with a Navy Minnow for best success! Just watch for the little bit of leftover ice you may encounter here!

Best weather for this weekend’s gonna be Sunday, so if you’re planning to fish the MISSOURI, that’ll be the day to miss the RAINfall! Midge Clusters, Soft Hackles or Parachute Adams are still the Hot Flies right now…Reds & Pinks are the Nymphing color of choice at present, so try your Soft Hackles, Ray Charles’s or Glass Beadheads in 14s or 16s…Stick with Black or White if you want to throw out the Big Meat, Zonkers, Jawbreakers or Home Invaders in 2 or 4, for example! The JEFFERSON is still pretty colorful, but if you want to tackle this river, we’ve heard of some success with Rapallas in Brown or Gold, or in a Brown Trout Pattern!

Just a reminder: Don’t miss the deadlines for Special Drawing Hunting Permits this season: Moose, Sheep, Goat & Bison deadline is May 1…and Deer B & Elk B is June 1!

We’re continuing to get in the 2012 Spring & Summer product lines here in Helena, so drop by to see what’s new! Get yourself some insect-repellent fishing apparel along with new waders, the latest & greatest lures or dry flies, or even the new raft you want! More fishing recommendations next week, friends!

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