Warm Weather Has Fish On The Move in The Northwest and North Central Montana Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: April 29, 2012

Chancy at Snappy’s in Kalispell says the warm weather has the fish on the move. Been a lot of good reports out of Hubbard, Van Lake, and Rodgers Lake had some nice grayling, Echo Lake looks good for bass whitefish & pike. Chancey was down in East Polson Bay on Flathead Lake on Monday and pulled some nice perch out. The water in Bitterroot Lake is still pretty cold for those looking for kokanee it is very slow going. Been a few guys down at Lake Mary Ronan looking for perch, but nothing too much going on over there. The Eastside at Kipp, Duck, Hidden, and Mission lakes have been doing well with leach patterns and damsel flies. Chancy reminds us May 5th is fishing fair for the kids down at Snappy’s.

Leonard says rain and snow all weekend, but Holter’s doing well on trout (Holter is shown in the photo above). Bynum’s been doing well on trout and perch. Pishcan there’s been a few Northerns caught with smelt. Lake Francis was doing well until the weather turned. Fresno’s had some nice walleyes. The river’s been producing catfish. Not a lot to report from Willow Creek and Nilan. If you have any questions for Leonard call 406-454-1877

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