Crab Stuffed Trout Recipe
By Matt Schauer

Posted: May 8, 2012

It is grilling season and it is always nice to fire up the charcoal and do a little cooking. If you happen to have some trout you want to cook, but you are tired of the old “Salt and Pepper with a lemon wedge” recipe. Here is a recipe that will put “A little Class in the Bass.” Or in this case “Class in the Trout.”


What you will Need:

3oz of Cream Cheese

2tbsp Minced Onion

2tbsp Parsley

1tsp Dill

1tsp Minced Garlic

1/8tsp Lemon Pepper

4oz Crab Meat (real crab-not krab)



*Olive Oil



Combine all ingrdients(*minus the oil and ketchup) like you are making a crab salad. Stuff the trout cavity with the mixture. Place on heavy duty foil. Brush with a little olive oil on the outside of the fish. Squirt desired amount of Ketchup on fish and wrap in foil. Grill approx 20 minutes or until flakey. Flip after 10 minutes.

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