Good Streamer Action on The Yellowstone River and More in the Montana Fishing Company Fly Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: May 5, 2012

The BITTERROOT RIVER, located south of Missoula, Montana is coming back into shape. It is down to 2,200 cfs from a whopping 8,000 cfs. Mothers day caddis, skwala stone flies, march browns, and the pink san juan worm will get it done.

The BLACKFOOT RIVER, located north east of Missoula, Montana is a bit high still. Unless you are an experienced oarsman stay off the river until it is back in play. The Blackfoot is flowing 5,000 cfs from 12,000 cfs.

The CLARK FORK RIVER is still high on the lower stretch. The upper river has mothers day caddis for dry fly action. I would get up to Warm Springs and take advantage of no misquotes. Try runnning a pink worm and a stonefly nymph like a pats rubber leg.

The MISSOURI RIVER is still excellent dry fly fishing. make the drive and enjoy what the mighty MO has to offer. Nymphing is the same. Try Pink San Juan Worms, Lighting Bugs, Sow Bugs, Rainbow Warriors ect…

The YELLOWSTONE RIVER located east Bozeman, Montana is a bit off color, which is good for streamer fishing for huge brown trout. This is one of my favorite times of the year to fly fish with streamers. The trout can not really see what they are eating, but they have to feed. In my opinion the biggest fish are caught during pre run off and post run off. So get the steamer box out and hit the river you never know what you are going to hook in to! the Yellowstone river is flowing 5,000 cfs.

The GALLATIN RIVER Zac Sexton who guides for Montana Fly Fishing Company has been on the Gallatin every day after work fly fishing. The Gallatin River is located just west of Bozeman, Montana. Zac reports that the river is slightly higher but still fishable. Stone fly nymphs size 8 to 10 and soft hackles such as brown hares ears and partridges and orange. Mothers day caddis are a sure bet. The Gallatin River si flowing at 1,600 cfs.

The MADISON RIVER is located just west of Bozeman, Montana is fishing ok with the off color water. Patterns that worked for us today were streamers olive, brown and yellow, and black IE SCULPZILLA, JJ SPECIAL, and Black wooly bugger.

The THOMPSON RIVER is on the rise and should produce salmon flies in the coming weeks. the Thompson River fished great yesterday. I took all of my fish on a pink worm. The salmon fly nymphs are moving to the banks. The trout should start to key into the them.


NOXON It ist Pike time. The Clark Fork River is spilling lots of water into the lake.

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