Rock Creek Fly Fishing Good But Not Great Yet
By Kjel

Posted: May 10, 2012

In the past week Rock Creek has dropped and cleared and the fishing is good-but not great.  Mornings have been good with brown Marvins, brown girdle bugs, hares ears, and size 8 prince nymphs.  Early afternoon to early evening we have been having our best luck with darkened Rogue’s Golden stones sizes 8 and 10, size 8 and 10 Bugmeisters, and some darker Skwala stone fly imitations.  Small darting action with the Rogue’s patterns have been very effective.

A Lot of the fish are still up some of the smaller tributaries-so most of the fish being caught are small, but still lots of fun.  Don’t forget to try dropping off a size 10 prince nymph about 20 inches below the larger dry pattern.

Good luck out there and be sure to check current water flows prior to hitting the water!

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