Stream Fishing Opening Day And More In The Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: May 19, 2012

Angie here, from Bob Ward & Sons, with the best in fishing in the HELENA area!

Let’s talk LAKES! The South End of CANYON FERRY is where Walleye fishing is best…it HAS slowed somewhat over the rest of the lake area, but NOT here…get your crankbaits on! The Fire Tiger Patterns are working WELL, or fish Leeches or Worm Harnesses, the Walleye are responding! HAUSER’s very active for Kokanee salmon at the mome…Chartreuse colored Hildebrandt Little Shavers are knockin them dead, fished without Cowbells and Slow-trolled at 18 feet w/leaded line. HOLTER has trout hitting Leeches, or try a Rattlin Rapala in sz 7 Red Crawdad to good effect. Head south to the RUBY RESERVOIR for San Juan or Beadhead action, & again, Leeches are a “killer” go-to for the week! The ice is off PARK LAKE and roads are open…you’ll find Grayling here, so fish the edges with a sz 14 Beadhead and bring in the catch!

The MISSOURI RIVER just can’t be anything less than excellent, no matter how it tries! March Browns, Mayflies, Midges, Morning Duns….we have them all in these parts! GREAT patterns right now are the glass bead Mayfly Series…go slim & small in the 14-18 range. Water flow is normal for this time of year…clarity quite good…all we need is a few more cloudy afternoons for the swarms, and things are IDEAL!

Saturday the 19th marks Stream Fishing Opening, just be cautious as some of your favorites are running a tad HIGH just now, & you may have to set aside the Dries for a bit til the levels come down. Try spinning a Panther Martin instead!

Pop into the Helena Bob Wards, this weekend, for the start of our always-excellent Memorial Day Sale…we run this sale for 10 days thru Memorial Day Monday and it’s a blowout! You’ll find sidewalk-sale deals, & not-to-miss specials in EVERY department! Stop by the Fishing Dept (of course!) & ask about current water conditions and levels…we keep track for you! Lake or Stream, we’ll see you on the water!

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