Canyon Ferry Reservoir Fishing

Find Out Where to Catch Your Limit This Weekend in The Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: May 25, 2012

Angie here, from Bob Ward & Sons, & here’s where to catch your limit in the HELENA area waters this Memorial Day Weekend!

CANYON FERRY is a bit sporadic this past week for Walleye, but you can still do well on the South End…the Carp fishing has skyrocketed, however, and the spawning rainbow along the shore lines are eating anything you throw at them….we say, tackle the Carp right now for the best challenge, using rust or green colors! Try for Walleye at the Mouth on HAUSER, get your crank-bait out for these guys, or dock fish for Rainbow on any of the Lakes with Leeches & Crawlers…launch onto the HELENA VALLEY REGULATING RESERVOIR for the Kokanee Salmon…don’t forget to try that Rattlin Rapala Red Crawdad on HOLTER for some Kokanee excitement! Remember to head for PARK LAKE for Grayling, who are biting on smaller Beadheads!

We’re between hatches on the MISSOURI at the moment, which just gives you the opportunity to try all the bugs you have…Midges, Mayflies, Blue Winged Olives…keep them all around and switch ‘em up! Griffiths Gnats, Brooks Sprout Baetis, Pink Lightning Bugs w/a Pheasant Tail Mirage…they’re all great options at the moment! Don’t be shy about swinging a Streamer or two either…go White, go sz 0 or 2, go Fathead or Zonker or Jawbreaker…we hear this has been a successful strategy lately.

Although it IS a major holiday weekend and RAIN & CHILLY WEATHER is predicted of course (does it ever NOT rain on Memorial Day?), still HOT DEALS are to be had in the store during our Memorial Day Sale event, & we’ll be open on the very day, May 28, from 9-6 PM, so stop by if you take a break from the waters or the weather! We’re glad to assist you in getting the gear you want, AND giving you the best fishing advice we have available. Have a safe and productive Memorial Day Weekend from your Bob Wards friends, and I’ll catch you next week!

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