Captain’s tagged Walleye caught in Canyon Ferry – Why Reporting Tagged Fish Matters
By Kelsey

Posted: June 29, 2012

Captain’s Catch Report

The table below describes the history of the tagged walleye Captain and his friend Jim caught while at Canyon Ferry Reservoir on June 20th.  They were slaughtered just over 60 days after they were tagged, nice job Cap! Most of the fish are from the past couple of years and were all tagged between Duck Creek and the north end of Pond 1. Anglers report tags from about 10% of the tagged fish each year and 2012 is right on pace. Fish Wildlife & Park crews tagged 422 walleye in Canyon Ferry Reservoir in 2012 and have tagged well over 2,000 walleye since 2010.

 Why Reporting Tagged Fish Matters:

  • Tagging information helps to better manage the Canyon Ferry walleye fishery.
  • We learn about growth rates, fish movements, harvest rates and many other anglers statistics.
  • Weights are not taken on all fish due to the sheer number of fish we handle in the field and sometimes two tags are used to study tag retention.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Fish Wildlife & Parks @ 406-495-3263

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