“Catch Fishing Fever Day” and Canyon Ferry Fishing Report: Provided by Kit’s Tackle
By Kjel

Posted: June 14, 2012

The annual “Catch Fishing Fever Day” hosted by the Upper Missouri River chapter of Walleyes Unlimited was a HUGE success on Saturday.  If you are anywhere near the Canyon Ferry Lake area, I highly recommend you look into this great event in the future.  The day is all about getting kids into the sport of fishing while teaching safety and education, as well catching fish!!!  There were a lot of great volunteers that showed up to make this event possible.  As busy as we are with the business, we fully understand how difficult it can be to donate your time.  I can assure you that it is more rewarding than any day of fishing I have had (and I’ve had some good days.)  Watching the kids light up when we would hook a fish was such a rewarding feeling…and quite humorous.  In fact, so humorous I almost fell straight out of the boat with laughter.  We had just put the fourth rod in the water and bam!!!  We had a huge rainbow hooked and it was jumping behind the boat.  As I looked around the boat, the kids were flying around and screaming with excitement; then I realized I was too.  I handed the rod to the most polite, well behaved girl we have ever had on our boat.  She was so excited, yelling that she had never caught a fish before over and over.  As the fish neared the boat it made one last final run and the drag began to scream.  Before I could dread what was going to happen it did…POW!!!  The line exploded with a loud pop and the girl had the same facial expression as any of us when we get taken to the cleaners!!!  Before I could begin to tell her sorry the fish got away, she said “I SO WANT TO DROP THE ‘F’ BOMB RIGHT NOW.”  I can promise you there isn’t a fish in the sea that could bring this kind of joy to anyone…I laughed so hard I had tears shooting out of my face.  When I finally caught my breath I had to explain to the other kids on the boat what an ‘F’ bomb is…or isn’t I should say (“something bad that happens when a fish gets away”)  J  I can see it now, the kids getting off the boat running up to their parents saying they were dropping ‘F’ bombs on the Kit’s Tackle boat…GREAT!!!

Every kid on our boat got to fight and catch a fish and share some great memories together.  A couple of them even got to go home with big stomach aches from eating to many fruit roll upsJ  After we dropped the kids off on the dock, they all came running back and gave me a big hug and thanked us for the fun they had “Jiggin’ the Dream.”

A very rewarding day on the water in my book!!!

Canyon Ferry Report and Tips:

The rainbow trout fishing is AWESOME right now and should continue throughout the next few weeks until the weather heats up and drives them deeper in the water column.  We trolled Rapala “Shad Raps” and Kit’s Tackle’s “Vibra-Blades” both in the Fire Tiger color.  We trolled at about 1.5 mph and the sonars were loaded up heavy in the 10-15 ft range which was perfect for our presentation.  We trolled around the hole in the wall just north of the Silos.  This makes for a very fun and easy day of fishing!!!

If patience is your virtue, then you might want to test yourself against Canyon Ferry’s walleye.  There has been some very nice fish caught on the south end.  Most fish have been coming from pitching jigs along the current breaks tipped with Berkley Gulp.  I have had some great reports from people using the Kit’s Tackle GLASS MINNOW Series “Supercraw” color.  I will be heading out over the weekend so I can give my report on the walleye next week.

Cheers to “Jiggin’ the Dream”

Trevor Johnson
Kit’s Tackle

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