Changing Weather Makes Tracking Fish Difficult: Tips To Find ‘Em in the Flathead Lake Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: June 29, 2012

Great Fishing in Montana

The fishing on Flathead Lake is as unpredictable as the weather. Spring time in Montana can be windy rainy one day and sunny the next. The Flathead River runoff is in full swing and with the amount of rain we have had, this spring, the river is putting a lot of stained muddy water into the lake.

Where to fish:

Try the North end of the lake, around the river mouth, just South of the delta. Try fishing the South and the East side of the delta. Start your troll in 90’ of water and work your way into 50’ of water then out to 140’ of water. Be sure to watch your fish finder. You will mark a lot of fish on the finder then concentrate on those fish by changing up your lures and presentation. The fish can be suspended anywhere from 10 feet down to 60 feet, so move your presentation just over the top of the fish and keep working them.  A good tip to remember is that fish concentrate on what’s in front and above them, not what’s below them.

Try fishing the deeper trenches of the lake in 120 to 200 feet of water for the larger lake trout.

What to use:

When fishing deep and targeting the bigger fish try using the original Flatfish from Worden’s, Yakima Bait in the glow white T-50, T-55, &T-60 also in the red/white and the double glow. Remember to fish these lures slow and keep them on the bottom.

Also the Electronic Stingfish from Pro-troll in size 15-51/2” long work very well. Remember the e-chip in these flatfish is something that the fish can key on in the stained water. Try the Chrome Green Chart #387, Hot frog #412.

When fishing for the more numerous average size fish, I like to use the dodger/flasher houchies combinations.

Flashers from Pro-Troll #8 series in #106 Glow Chart, #183 Blue Spatter Back, #188 Green Splatter Glow.

I have been having good results attaching an Ace Hi fly from Gold Start 24-32” behind these flashers. Also try a #35 Octopus (41/2”) behind these dodgers or a flasher from Gold Star. Houchies in the standard glow white or green and white are always a good starting point. Be creative; try some spoons and different color combinations.

Remember the two best times to fish is when it’s rainin’ and when it ain’t.

Tight lines

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This Flathead Lake Fishing Report was provided by Captain Bob of Mo Fisch Charters.

Check out this video of The Captain and friends having a great time fishing for lake trout on Flathead Lake.

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