Decent Fly Fishing on the Mo in the Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: June 9, 2012

Hi, Angie here, from Bob Ward & Sons, with the HELENA area fishing report on this late Spring weekend…

The USUALLY “Mighty Mo” has been a little off lately, but we’re attributing that to hatches which are still pending….there ARE Caddis, a few Mayflies, and occasional PMDs, but not in the abundance we saw a couple weeks ago. Still, how can you REALLY go wrong on the MISSOURI, one of the most consistently performing rivers statewide, no matter the season? Try Nymphing Scuds, Soft Hackles or a Glass Bead PMD in Pinks, Reds & Purples…we hear below-the-surface action is DECENT! Mix that up with a Gold Bling Minnow Streamer or any of your favorite White or Tan Streamers, sz 2…we haven’t heard of anyone going home empty-handed sticking to Nymphs and Streamers on the MO lately!

Our Bob Wards guys hit CANYON FERRY (at Avalanche Bay) last weekend and got busy trolling with Crankbaits & Split-Tail Rapallas, about 15 foot down….they were picking up Rainbows right & left! Below any of the 3 Dams is another great place to be. Walleye fishing has been an exercise in PATIENCE, tho, but hey, that’s just a minor CHALLENGE to a Montana angler! Stick with the Fire Tiger Patterns for Crankbaits…when the Walleye grab, this is what they’re going for! You can do the Walleye Thing on HAUSER as well. HOLTER’s where your Leeches & Big Crawlers are going to be of best use…tho you may be ducking a bit of wind round this Lake.

We want to THANK our Bob Wards customers for 95 years of enabling us to keep you going strong in the Montana outdoors! Come see what we have in-store for you in HELENA….some pretty SMART deals all over the store, not to mention specials on Dry Flies, Waders & that new ROD COMBO you’ve been wanting! The water’s calling your name, you might as well be prepared the “Bob Wards” Way! Thank you again, friends, for your business over the years! More from us on fishing conditions in the beautiful Helena region next week!

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