Fishing at Clark Canyon is On Fire in the Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: June 23, 2012

Hi, friends, Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons, letting you in on what’s good summer fishin’ in the BUTTE/BOZEMAN areas!

Salmonfly activity is UP on the BIG HOLE River, but you can do well with Rubberleg Goldenstones in middlin’ sizes (like an 8) or even a Mayfly emerger as a dropper…the JEFFERSON has water levels returning to normal & has been HOT using Yellow or Black/White Streamers….or stick to sz 10 Caddis or BWOs here! The BEAVERHEAD below CLARK CANYON is responding well with small PMDs (sz 18), and CLARK CANYON itself is this week’s “PLACE TO BE”, with just about anything you can throw at fish: Rapallas, weighted line rigs w/flies, nightcrawlers or Powerbait from shore, etc! Also on fire is GEORGETOWN LAKE, get your multiple spinners or spoon of choice out there, or go with a Leech Pattern or a big Wooly Bugger & success is virtually guaranteed! Took a little spin over the magnificent Pintlars last weekend & it’s definitely worth spending a day up there on the Lake!

Get up EARLY & get on the LOWER MADDY while it’s cool…we’ve got Salmonflies, PMDs, Yellow Sallies….Bug Stew right now, and well worth a float! Action tapers off in the heat of the day, but you’ll have your catch by then, anyway. The UPPER MADDY, just below Hebgen, is equally performing, w/ a solid Salmonfly Hatch in the works…or go Rubberlegs or Beadheads! The GALLATIN is still a bit high, but green and that means GOOD! Try your attractor nymphs in the pockets & pools, just use caution wading in the deeper water. You can catch fish on the YELLOWSTONE right now, but it is still high, so maybe stick to the bends or wherever you can find a nice pocket. A couple weeks til the STONE is down to perfect levels for the float. You still want to stay WEST in YNP…fish the FIREHOLE in the am with your Sallies or PMDs, hit the GIBBON in the early day for good attractor dry fly fishing, or try the MADISON in the PARK…late Caddis, Goldenstones & PMDs are active there!

Summer fishing in MT is just about as close to heaven as you can get, so you need to drop by the BUTTE or BOZEMAN Bob Wards & get your GEAR on! Pick up a new vest or hat, tackle box, eyewear to protect you from the summer sun, or a cool pair of waders, and get in the water! We’ll give you more tips next week, folks…& remember, stay safe in those higher waters!

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