Great Fly Fishing on The Madison in the Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: June 9, 2012

Hi, it’s ANGIE from Bob Ward & Sons…in spite of a wet weekend predicted, we still think there are plenty of GREAT fishing opportunities in the BUTTE & BOZEMAN areas this week!

The SIZZLING fishing near BUTTE is to be had on CLARK CANYON RESERVOIR! The NW end of the lake is giving up 3 ½ to 7 lb Rainbows, if you slow-troll Neon Orange Countdown or Jointed Rapallas…go about 6 to 8 foot down for the best results! Consequently, the BEAVERHEAD has also been steady with Nymphs like San Juans or Beadheads, & we’re not too far out on the Goldenstone hatch, just give it a couple weeks! The BIG HOLE has been troubled by up-&-down water levels & mud, but try a sz 14-16 Caddis Fly fished WET, & hang in for Salmonflies, which should be taking off on the BIG HOLE just about any time! GEORGETOWN LAKE is still fishing VERY well with Leech Patterns, or get out your Kamloops Spoons or Hammered Brass….or fish from shorelines or docks with Orange Powerbait or Garlic Marshmallows & Worms! The East End of Whitehall is the SWINGIN’ place to fish the JEFFERSON right now, using your midsize Brown/Gold or Rainbow Jointed Rapallas, or for some SWEET Dry Fly action, we’ve still got Caddis and Mayflies coming off on warmer days on the JEFF.

The MADISON is offering the GREATEST fishing over here near BOZEMAN, both the UPPER & the LOWER are on fire! Try small Stoneflies just below the surface on the UPPER MADDY, & one more advantage here: the crowds haven’t figured out how well it’s fishin’ these days, so a good place to be by yourself for a change! Get in on the front end of the Salmonfly hatch going on now on the LOWER MADDY, but basically anything above or below the surface seems to be working right now. My roommate fished grey Para Caddis a couple days ago & made herself QUITE a day of it with Rainbows responding well! The GALLATIN’s tough right at the moment, as the water’s risen pretty high, tho you may be able to make a go of it with Streamers in the Blacks & Dark Browns…Wooly Buggers, Krystal Buggers or Black Home Invaders are our choices! Get your bad self on down to YELLOWSTONE PARK (tho stop at Bozeman Bob Wards FIRST for your Yellowstone Park Fishing Permit!) & get on the FIREHOLE! We are getting all kinds of EXCELLENT reports on the hatches there in this past week….Caddis, Pale Morning Duns, & Salmonflies are CHOICE at present, or swing a soft hackle thru the ripples! The other PARK rivers (like the LAMAR or the GIBBON) aren’t as up to snuff yet, but this is the best time for the FIREHOLE anyway, before the warm weather kicks in & makes it impossible to fish!

Folks, we want to thank you for making Bob Wards YOUR place to get the latest and greatest outdoor gear for the last 95 years! It’s our 95th Anniversary Sale right now, so come on in and see what we’ve got to get YOU “out there”! That’s what Bob Wards has always been about…making sure you are GEARED UP for the best outdoor adventures you can have! More fishing info just for you, next week, friends!

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