Madison River Closed: Hot Windy Day Escalates Pony Wildfire – How to Prevent A Wildfire
By Kelsey

Posted: June 27, 2012

The Madison River is closed to all fishing and recreation activities:

The wildfire season is well on its way in South West Montana, rivers have been closed, homes have been lost and smoke is in the air. The Madison River and surrounding recreation/camping sites are all closed. Specifically Greycliff fishing access North of Black’s Ford is closed according to MT FWP. Wind accelerated the fire across Highway 84 (half a mile east of the MT HWY 84 Bridge) and it is now approximately 2,300 acres and only 10% contained. The fire is now 6 times in size all because of strong wind. Let this show how careful we need to be this summer, people and homes are destroyed and more are in danger, fishing this summer is also now something to cherish even more so.

Fighting this Fire:

  • The wind is so strong that it is dangerous for the crews to get in front of it.
  • Fighting it from the sides and from above is the solution with safety in mind.
  • Two helicopters and twenty-five engines were reported at the scene as of yesterday afternoon.

How did the fire start? 

  • It is believed to have been started by Fireworks (Firecracker).
Here is  some tips on how to prevent a wildfire:
  1. Don’t park vehicles on dry grass.
  2. Never throw cigarette buds out of your car window, stay on concrete or brushless dirt when possible.
  3. If driving off-road is allowed – internal combustion equipment requires a spark arrester.
  4. Familiarize with your county’s outdoor burning regulations.
  5. If there is a sign of a wildfire, contact a Ranger as soon as you can.
  6.  If escape route is blocked, go to nearest lake or stream.
  7. Do not take burning sticks out of a fire.
  8. Never use stoves, lanterns and heaters inside of your tent.
  9. Store all flammable liquids in a safe place.


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